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  • Anesthesia Series

    HongAn Medical manufacture Anesthesia using tubes , including:

    Endotracheal Tubes (Cuffed / Uncuffed / Reinforced type)

    Tracheostomy Tubes (Cuffed / Uncuffed / Reinforced type)

    Nasopharyngeal Airways (with / without flange)

    Oral Pharyngeal Airways

    Anethesia Masks

    Intubation Stylets

    Endotracheal Tube Introducers (Bougies)

    Double Lumen Endobronchial Tubes 

    ● Laryngeal Mask (PVC / Silicone / Reinforced / Reusable)

  • Circuit Series

    HongAn Medical manufacture Circuit Series , including:

    ● Anesthesia Circuits

    ● Ventilator Circuits

    ● Catheter Mounts

    ● Breathing System Filters

    ● Breathing Bags

    ● Connectors & Accessories

  • Respiratory Series

    HongAn Medical  manufacture Respiratory using products , including:

    Oxygen Masks

    ● Nebulizer Masks

    Adjustable Venturi Masks

    Oxygen Mask with Reservoir Bag

    Nasal Oxygen Cannulas

    ● Nebulizer Kit

    ● Oxygen Connnection Tubes


  • Tube & catheter Series

    HongAn Medical  manufacture PVC Catheter Products , including:

    Nelaton Catheters

    Suction Catheters

    Feeding Tubes

    Rectal Tubes

    Stomach Tubes

    Suction Connecting Tubes

    Yankauer Handles


  • COVID-19 Related Products

    HongAn Medical  manufacture Related Products, including:

    ● Face mask

    ● Nasal oxygen cannula

    ● Oxygen mask

    ● Aerosal mask

    ● Oxygen mask with reservoir bag

    ● Endotracheal tube

    ● Tracheotomy tube

    ● Endotracheal Tube With Suction Lumen

    ● Anesthesia Mask

  • Other Series

    HongAn Medical also manufacture Other products like:

    ● Umbilical Cord Clamps

    ● Umbilical Cord Clamp Cutters

    ● Other Materilal Umbilical Cord Clamp

    ● Identification Braclet

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