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  • HMEF Series-HA401HF-1
  • HMEF Series-HA402HF-1
  • HMEF Series-HA403HF-1
  • HMEF Series-HA404HF-1
  • HMEF Series-HA405HF-1

HMEF Series


We provide an extensive line of Breathing system filter that meet all ISO
standards and offer a high level of clinical protection to patients of any size.
Hygroscopic membrane traps patient's moisture providing effective airway humidification

Designed in light weight,enhancing patient's comfort.
Gas sampling ports available with tethered cap or luer cap.
Pediatric and adult size availalbe.

Code                         HA401HF          HA402HF         HA403HF            HA404HF          HA405HF
Description            HMEF Pediatric   HMEF Adult   HMEF Pediatric      HMEF Adult       HMEF Adult
                                 with paper      with paper       with foam          with foam           Angled
Dead space                    12ml               40ml               12ml                   40ml                40ml
Tidal volume range    150-300ml     150-1500ml     150-300ml       150-1500ml      150-1500ml
Pressure drop@30LPM  120Pa             100Pa             120Pa                100Pa              120Pa
Moisture output      24mg@500VT   32mg@500VT 24mg@500VT 32mg@500VT   32mg@500VT
Bacterial filtration       99.999%           99.999%         99.999%           99.999%         99.999%
Viral filtration              99.999%           99.999%         99.999%           99.999%         99.999%
Weight                            15g                   29g                 13g                    25g                30g
connection                  22M/15F-           22M/15F-        22M/15F-            22M/15F-      22M/15F-
                                   22F/15M            22F/15M         22F/15M              22F/15M       22F/15M
Gas monitoring                Yes                    Yes                 Yes                     Yes               Yes

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